We offer painting parties for any occasion! We work with the host to provide
the painting of their choice or we help them to choose one that's suitable.
Parties can be scheduled for two hours or three depending on the age of the
group. We can accommodate up to 25 people here in our studio or up to 75 in
a location of your choice. We provide the fun, you provide the food.

We can offer pottery and mosaic parties at our studio. For pottery we can
accommodate up to 8 people, for mosaic we can accommodate up to 16. These
parties are appropriate for ages 10 & up and are usually three hours.

Parties cost between $15 and $35 per person depending on the project.

We require $100 deposit at the time of booking and an approximate number of
attendees. The exact number of attendees is required the day before the
event and that is the number you will pay for unless a few additional arrive
and we are able to accommodate them.

You can bring refreshments and decorations. We can make arrangements for you
to set up early.