"Make a Bowl"
$35 Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
Space is limited, please RSVP by calling 609-465-9500.
Make a 12" bowl and decorate it with your own designs and colors. . After construction is complete, it takes about a week for the bowl to dry and get fired. Glazing can be done any time the studio is open. This is a fun project for kids, teens, couples, friends, parent with child. Kids under 8 yrs must be accompanied by an adult. This makes a great gift that you can personalize too! Housewarming gift, wedding gift, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc...

Guided Painting Events
Our guided painting events are a fun and relaxing way for people to experience painting on canvas. Take the anxiety out of art by allowing the artist to guide you through their creation of a specific painting. We have many talented artists who offer these classes and we present the artwork in advance for you to choose. These events make great date nights, girls nights and time alone or with family and friends in a social and creative atmosphere. Each participant is given just the right amount of guidance so that they can personalize their own piece of art. Every finished painting will look unique and special at the end.

Maverick Art Studio is a place where people can feel free to be inspired! Let those inspirations lead you through an artistic journey full of surprise and discovery.  Maverick Art Studio is an energetic space full of natural light where all ideas are good ones. Where creativity and passion are fully manifested by the heart and soul of every student and teacher through any medium that appeals to you such as pottery, stained glass, and various painting techniques.  Maverick Art Studio is here to inspire your creative heart’s desire!

Most classes include all the materials you will need unless noted. For those special classes, the materials can be purchased right here at Maverick Art Studio. We have designed the space to make your creative time as positive and easy-going as possible. The classes are limited to a minimum of six artists and a maximum of twelve students so that you will have all the special attention you want from your instructor! Make sure you register soon to reserve your spot!