Private Lessons

Maverick Art Studio (location map)
Sunday, TBA
Start Date: start anytime
Duration: on going
End Date: on going


We offer private lessons for any age. These lessons are scheduled based on the needs and desires of the student. We can accomodate all levels of experience. If you are already experienced, we can schedule a lesson with one of our local artists who can assist with your technique development. If you have special needs, we can accomodate you with an art therapist or one of our teaching staff. If you have a special interest in mind, we will schdeule a private lesson with an artist to guide you thorugh your creative development. 

Lessons are available for acrylic painting, oil painting, portrait, landscape, plein air, pottery, pastel, watercolor, mosaic, and more! Please send us your requests and we will get you on the schedule.

Upcoming Meetings
07/22/18    TBA Sunday 07/22/18 TBA
07/29/18    TBA Sunday 07/29/18 TBA
08/05/18    TBA Sunday 08/05/18 TBA
08/12/18    TBA Sunday 08/12/18 TBA
08/19/18    TBA Sunday 08/19/18 TBA
08/26/18    TBA Sunday 08/26/18 TBA
09/02/18    TBA Sunday 09/02/18 TBA
09/09/18    TBA Sunday 09/09/18 TBA
09/16/18    TBA Sunday 09/16/18 TBA
09/23/18    TBA Sunday 09/23/18 TBA
09/30/18    TBA Sunday 09/30/18 TBA
10/07/18    TBA Sunday 10/07/18 TBA
10/14/18    TBA Sunday 10/14/18 TBA
10/21/18    TBA Sunday 10/21/18 TBA
10/28/18    TBA Sunday 10/28/18 TBA
11/04/18    TBA Sunday 11/04/18 TBA
11/11/18    TBA Sunday 11/11/18 TBA
11/18/18    TBA Sunday 11/18/18 TBA
11/25/18    TBA Sunday 11/25/18 TBA
12/02/18    TBA Sunday 12/02/18 TBA